Created in 2021, Santana Blanco-Lista skincare line, Solumin Skincare was created with skin in mind.

In the past, I struggled with inconsistent periods - when I did get them, they were often very heavy, with intense and painful cramps. They were difficult to deal with, and I found myself resenting my body as it felt like taking care of it was challenging when it should have been simple and easy.

At the same time, my son was suffering from bad eczema. No matter what products we used on his skin, it would still be dry, red, and itchy. It seemed like there would be no end to his discomfort, and as his mother, I had a hard time watching him struggle. I felt helpless.

I went on a search to find natural products that would help alleviate our symptoms. For the first time, there was relief, and I fell in love with these easily accessible ingredients that came from the earth.

Not long after that, Solumin Skincare was born, with one goal: to help others with their skincare and feminine care issues by sharing in nature’s bounty. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Be well, 

Santana Blanco-Lista