Our Rich House Poor House Experience

Our Rich House Poor House Experience

This is our story and experience on Rich House Poor House.


Shoreditch in East London is one of the city's most sought-after addresses. If you're a fashionable, young, creative or cutting-edge entrepreneur, this is the place to be. It's a perfect fit for web tycoon hurry, a 24-year-old Australian. When he's in London, a chic three-bedroom apartment is his home. He made his millions by founding a company that specializes in SEO, search engine optimization.


Harry has offices in Australia, the UK and the US with homes to match. Rags to Riches stories don't get more dramatic than his, at 17 family issues meant he found himself on the street. That determined mindset has brought him success at a time in life when most people are just getting started. But he doesn't forget the hard times and he's passionate about giving others a helping hand.


Harry shares his Shoreditch apartment with another global citizen, his flatmate and best friend, Hadia. Hadia’s wealthy family live in Qatar. Fast Cars are a passion for this rich girl. She came to London to pursue a career in film.


Both Harry and Hadiya are adrenaline junkies, and Money's no object. Go five miles West from Shoreditch and you reach Notting Hill Gate known for its rich residents. It also has some of the capital's poorest housing estates. A one-bedroom flat is the home of the BLANCO-LISTA family, all four of them.


Santana is a stay-at-home mom. My daughter, she's two years old. My son, he's four. You know, there's no space for the kids to run around. It's basically terrible, to be honest with you.


Angel currently works at a painting and decorating shop but cash is in short supply. After rent and bills. Their weekly spending budget is just 67 pounds. Oh my god. Thank you. That debt is piling up.


Even though every day is a struggle, Angel somehow finds time to take food to the homeless. Despite their busy lives both Angel and Santana have found time to develop business ideas that could change their fortunes. Angel's passion is computers and his dream job is what Harry does, digital marketing.


Angel’s been testing his skills and created a website for Santana. She's developed a range of skincare products. My son developed eczema, and it was really, really bad. So I went to the doctors, but they couldn't really do much about it.


Through trial and error, she developed her own healing cream, the rashes stopped, and I was really shocked. I was like, oh my gosh, like it actually worked.  Since then, she's developed a range of products but doesn't know how to market them. Angel is frustrated too. Both of them want the same thing from the swap to meet someone who can give them a kickstart on the road to their double dream.



And why do Harry and Hadia want to give up the rich life for a week? Harry’s hoping to learn a lot about that kind of wealth divide and how people live in London. Hadia’s challenge is to learn from the experience and truly believes the best way to feel more comfortable is to get out of your comfort zone. Harry’s hoping something ignites in him, anything's open at this point. Maybe there's even an opportunity for Harry to kind of mentor some people.


It's day one of the swap, and it's going to be a quick journey. Notting Hill gate and Shoreditch are only 40 minutes apart.